Reproducibility Server Hardware Specs

Apologies if this question is already answered somewhere, I was not able to find the answer on my own:

What are the specifications of the server computer hardware that is used for the accuracy and frame-rate benchmark?

sotabench seems to emphasize accuracy reproducibility, but it is interesting that evaluation frame-rate is also reported. The frame-rate benchmark could be used to document software efficiency improvements.

Of course, software optimization depends on knowledge of the computer hardware, so one would want to know the hardware specs of the reproducibility server in order to optimize frame rate.

Hi, I have the same question for a different reason. I am trying to add our model to sotabench, but one thing I need to choose is the batch-size. For that, I need to know the minimum available GPU memory. It’s also useful to know whether this will run on a single GPU, or multi-GPU machine?

Currently, it seems to be a single V100: GV100GL [Tesla V100 SXM2 16GB].